In order to be considered for the next round of funding, all requests must be submitted via a full completion of the online form by no later than 5 June 2024.

We look forward to learning more about your program! 

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Our donations are split across local (NSW and VIC) charities, as well as charities based in Israel/overseas
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If the entity as a whole has not been endorsed as a DGR has the program it is seeking funding for been endorsed as a DGR?

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If funding is approved please note we require a receipt for the tax deductible gift stating:

* the name of the fund, authority or institution to which the donation has been made

* the DGR's Australian business number (ABN) (some DGRs listed by name in the law may not have an ABN)

* it is for a tax deductible gift.

Please note we need a receipt within 7 days of receiving the donation monies. Receipts to be addressed to

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