About The ORAH Fund


To create a substantial and growing long-term annuity stream for Jewish Charities via the “ownership” of investment management fees in a compelling investment solution.

The ORAH Fund is a professionally managed investment solution where the management and performance fees are donated by the fund managers to Jewish charities without diluting investment returns

  • The ORAH Fund is an unlisted unregistered managed investment schemed domiciled in Australia
  • The ORAH Fund is a fund of funds (“FoF”) that invests in multiple underlying funds, providing investors with access to a select group of specialist underlying funds, in a single investment vehicle.
  • All the underlying funds are predominantly equity-based funds, including funds that invest in Australia or offshore, or both
  • All the managers of the underlying funds will rebate their management and performance fees to The ORAH Fund i.e. they are effectively not charging any fees
  • The only management and performance fees charged will be at The ORAH Fund level
  • There will be zero cost associated with fund raising – all work for The ORAH Fund is done on a volunteer basis

Investment Overview

  • Pengana Capital is the trustee and investment manager of the Fund.  Pengana holds an Australian Financial Services Licence, issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • Pengana has experience in evaluating fund managers and managing underlying funds; some of the underlying funds will be funds that are managed by Pengana
  • Pengana will provide an array of services to The ORAH Fund FOR FREE (including; Trustee, funds management; fund selection and back office etc.)
  • The portfolio of underlying funds within The ORAH Fund have been selected by Pengana; each of the fund managers have experience and track records in managing their particular strategies

CLICK HERE to view a list of underlying partner fund managers

  • ORAH Allocations
    • 100% of the management and performance fees charged by The ORAH Fund will be donated to Jewish charities
    • ORAH will have a zero infrastructure cost as all services will be provided pro bono

The ORAH Fund Structure