Since launching in December 2016, The Orah Fund has donated over $2,200,000.

Donations are distributed to charities run by Jewish people that benefit both the Jewish community and community at large, both locally and abroad.12

To be eligible to receive ORAH allocations, the charity must:

The ORAH Project Board of Trustees will determine allocations to various charities within the following restraints:

We provide full transparency to ORAH Fund investors regarding fees earned and allocations made.

ORAH Allocations Board (NSW)

Russel Pillemer (Chairman): CEO and founder of Pengana Capital Group

Rhett Kessler: Senior Portfolio Manager and CIO of the Pengana Australian Equities Fund

Allen Linz

Darron Lonstein

Gary Perlstein

Michelle Fischl

Carole Pillemer: Founder of The ORAH Project

ORAH Allocations Board (VIC)

Nathan Cher (Chair)

Carole Pillemer: (Founder of The ORAH Project)

Steven Casper

Sydney Kahn

Amanda Smorgon

Lisa Kennet

Yehuda Gottlieb

Yonatan Rubinstein (Intern)

Russel Pillemer: (Observer, Co-Founder of The ORAH Project)

Each Allocations Board is only responsible for allocation of donations; and has no involvement with investment activities of The ORAH Fund

Other contributors

Dean Weinbren, Daniel Fine, Adam Myers, Bernard Lo, James Levien, The Tate Gallery (Linda Tate)